Origin of Music?

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What the real meaning of music is?
Where music came from?
Why do people of ALL cultures sing?​
​How music can alter our moods and feelings?
Why music permeates virtually ALL other fields of study and knowledge?​

The Book "God's Song" will Answer all Your Questions

As a young girl, Jettie had many questions about music. What is music, after all? Why does music make me feel things I can’t begin to describe? Why does the world of nature intrigue and move me so intensely? Why is music called the universal language? And isn’t it more than language . . . but what?

Join Jettie as her quest for answers turns into a lifelong pursuit of what Robert Shaw called truth in music. Painted with poignant symbolism, readers will become enveloped in this incredible true story that exposes the mystery and wonder of one of God’s most precious gifts – song.


Calvin Institute of Christian Worship

John D. Witvliet

Jettie Harris is a child of wonder. She has an infectious wonder about the mystery of creation and the mystery of God’s love for us in Jesus Christ. Her reflections on music and creation are invitation to live before God’s face by joining the music which the stars sang together at the dawn of creation.

Bass, Metropolitan Opera

Paul Plishka

In an age when music programs are being cut in schools from one end of the country to the other, Jettie Harris is a wonderfully poignant example of how teaching classical music to students at an early age gives those students a more worldly outlook for the rest of their lives.

Pastor of Leadership, Desert Springs Church

Ronald L. Giese, Jr. Ph.d

The best authors are those who do two things together. First, they specialize, and Jettie is a specialist in music (theory and application). Second, they lustfully explore secondary areas, even ones that at first glance do not overlap. And as they explore these secondary areas, they open the curtains to reveal interweavings that no audience has yet appreciated and no ambassador has yet proclaimed. Jetti is such an author and herald. Prepare to put glasses on that will show you music in, literally, a new light.


Jetti Harris is retired from a long and colorful career as a teacher both of music and aviation. She received her early musical education from private teachers at the military academy at West Point, New York, but it was later in life when, at age forty, she began her formal training at Westminster Choir College and Montclair State University in New Jersey to become a degreed teacher. During her years at Westminster she sang in the renowned Westminster Choir, singing in many well-known concert halls and serving as a member of the choir in residence at the Spoleto, Italy, Festival of Two Worlds. She became a licensed FAA instructor pilot in 1981.

Throughout her myriad experiences as teacher and performer, Harris maintained an active pursuit of what she called “truth in music” which embraces not only her fervent faith in God, but also the raison d’etre of music as an integral part of our entire human experience.

Harris now lives in Forest, Virginia, where she is actively pursuing her research and writing. Her husband, EJ, recently went to the place of heavenly beauty and peace with their Lord, leaving her to her work as he watches from a better place.

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